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TimeServoPTP Features TimeServo’s Capabilities Plus:

  • An IEEE 1588v2 PTP Compliant Ordinary Clock (OC) Slave Implementation for FPGA
  • Supports both 1-Step and 2-Step synchronization with an external network time grandmaster
    • TimeServoPTP Delay Requests are 1-Step using MAC TX Hardware Time Insertion
  • End to End (E2E) Delay Mechanism
  • Single-component solution for providing coherent time within an FPGA
  • Communicates with PTP Master via Ethernet L2 PTP/1588 EtherType frames
  • Flexible and independent clocks for control-plane and reference clock
  • Up to 32 time “now” outputs with Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) Logic
    • Each in their own Clock Domain from user-supplied clock
    • Each individually selectable 80b output format (Binary, IEEE Ordinary, IEEE Transparent)
    • Each with a Pulse Per Second (PPS) output pulse in output clock domain
  • Software control and observability from AXI control plane
  • Following Initialization, no interaction from host is required
  • Atomic Rules implementation of a Gardner Type-2 Digital Phase Locked Loop (DPLL)

  • FPGA Resources Used (Includes TimeServo and Other Sub-Cores)
    • ALMs/LUTs: 13K
    • M20Ks/BRAMs: 17
    • DSPs: 6
  • Supported FPGA devices include Intel Agilex and Xilinx UltraScalePlus