Auburn, NH – December 14, 2021 – Atomic Rules LLC, a supplier of enterprise-grade FPGA IP cores and solutions, today announced the extension of its established Arkville data mover to support Intel Agilex F-Series FPGA devices. Atomic Rules Arkville data mover provides a high-throughput, low-latency conduit between host memory and FPGA fabric logic, offloading CPU core usage, eliminating memory copies, and improving overall efficiency. Arkville’s new support for Intel Agilex F-Series devices more than doubles the performance of existing solutions.

High Throughput, Low Latency, No Hassle

FPGA processing relies upon high throughput and low latency to maximize performance and efficiency. In conjunction with the new capabilities that Agilex F-Series provides, more than a doubling of useful throughput performance is possible. Sustained Gen 4 application data rates of 220 Gbps (27.5G Bytes/Second) are realized in both directions between the FPGA logic and host memory.  With Arkville, a conduit is provided that seamlessly transports data in both directions between FPGA logic and host memory. Software engineers see industry-standard APIs for producing and consuming data in zero-copy user space buffers. Hardware engineers see industry-standard RTL interfaces which produce and consume data.

Choose your Host API

Arkville supports data movement for a wide variety of applications.  For packet-based applications, Arkville supports DPDK release 21.11, with a poll mode driver open-sourced and downloadable directly from For bulk data movement between FPGA and the host user space memory, a zero-copy kernel mode driver is available. For use with 5G O-RAN offload, Arkville has a DPDK Baseband Device BBDEV PMD available. Whichever API is used, Arkville on Agilex F-Series provides 27.5 G Bytes/Second (220 Gbps) data motion between user space host memory and FPGA logic.

“Intel Agilex F-Series devices are first-movers in the PCIe Gen 4×16 space”, said Jeff Milrod, Chief Technology and Strategy Office at BittWare. “As part of a trio of products comprised of our IA-840F, IA-220-U2, and IA-420F, we are excited to provide commercial platforms for Atomic Rules Arkville on Agilex”. Atomic Rules provides turnkey, load-and-go, example designs for BittWare Agilex F- Series platforms so that users may quickly evaluate performance on their premises.

“It is fantastic to see how Intel Agilex FPGAs are enabling innovative technologies,” said Jim Dworkin, senior director and general manager of the Cloud & Enterprise Acceleration Division at Intel. “Combining BittWare’s hardware expertise with Atomic Rules’ IP prowess, Arkville inventive IP delivers an extremely high throughput conduit with low latency between the FPGA and its compute, storage, or networking peer to accelerate the applications that run either around or on it.”

Licensing and Availability

Arkville for Intel Agilex F-Series FPGAs is available immediately for all Intel Agilex F-Series devices. Arkville is sold with a one-time fee license with no per-unit royalties.

About Atomic Rules

Atomic Rules LLC is a supplier of enterprise-grade IP and solutions from the datacenter to the edge.  Visit .

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